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We all know what a pain ordinary sailing gloves can be. If they are too stiff or badly cut then the work the hand has to do to maintain grip quickly wears you out. If the palm is loose with lots of folds then your grip is compromised. However if they are too flexible then they invariably never last a season without failing, especially for those who spend the whole race on the mainsheet.

One glove that addresses all these aspects in spectacular fashion is the Gill Pro Sailing Glove. It is our favourite here at Four Winds Marine and for very good reasons.

Gill 7441 Pro Gloves Short Fingered back175Gill 7441 Pro Gloves Short Fingered Palm175THE FIT

When you first put the glove on the layers on the palm and finger pads and the clever use of lighter flexible fabric across the back of the palm and fingers means that resistance to your grip is dramatically reduced. Many styles of sailing gloves just don't go into this kind of detail. The palm only develops a single fold even on small lines.


Most sailing gloves seem to grip well in the shop but are found lacking once the spray starts flying. The Gill Pro Sailing Glove has an impressive feature something they call DuraGripTM and it extends all the way from the back of the knuckle of the first finger, across the palm, and around to the back of the glove again. This is one of the few materials that seems to grip just the same wet or dry translating of course into far less fatigue for the wearer.


Inside wrist velcro closure to prevent accidental starting of your race watch, precurved fingers with 'v' cuts at the second knuckle to improve flexibility, and tabs on the upper fingers so the glove can be removed without turning it inside out. These all point to real attention to detail.

Gill pro finger three


You know immediately you put them on that they are well made but it is only after your second or third season can you really see the difference then do yourself a favour and pay little extra. You won't be disappointed. 

We are running a Winter Special on these gloves. They were $62.00 but now are $53.00 with only $5.00 postage anywhere in Australia.


australianboatingmanual5theditionlgeThis highly regarded hefty tome from the indomitable Capt. Dick Gandy has been the perennial bible for all things boating in Australia. The giant Fifth Edition has now arrived and with nearly a thousand pages of fully up to date working knowledge it represents the most complete resource available of Australian boating.

Written for motor and sail some of the extensive range of topics includes;

  • Buying and insuring a boat.
  • On-board training.
  • Occupational health and safety at sea.
  • Boating licence.
  • Boating regulations and safety.
  • Marine radio and electronic navigation.
  • Navigation and chartwork.
  • Engine operation - inboard and outboard.

It also contains thousands of questions and answers, many pertaining to things like;

  • Yachtmaster & Coastal Certificates
  • Domestic Commercial Vessels Certificates (General Purpose Hand, Coxswain, Master & Engineer)

To purchase this book online click here





A guide to cruising Victoria, the Bass Strait islands and Northern Tasmania.
This wonderful new publication put out by the Cruising Yacht Association of Victoria
seeks to provide information to assist the cruiser in the planning
and execution of a safe and enjoyable cruise along Victoria's 2500 km of coastline.

Spiral Bound 192 Pages.Available in store now.



ECOSTAR mainThis new smart looking yachtsmans head torch is just brilliant. The configuration of 2 white and 1 red LED gives the sailor options for preserving night vision. It is waterproof, has a flourescent logo on the band so can be easily found in a darkened cabin, and the light section can be easily unclipped for hand use.


• Lumen:30 lumens / 5 lumens

• Runtime:9 hours / 105 hours

• Battery:2*1.5V AAA batteries

• Material:Nylon & Glass fiber & Rubber

• Weight:38g (without battery) / 61g (with 2*AAA batteries)

• Switch:Button Switch

Introducing the world’s smallest PLBrescueme plb front

  • 30% smaller (typ) by volume
  • Easily fits in lifejacket
  • Retractable Antenna
  • 7 Year Battery Life
  • 7 year warranty
  • High brightness strobe light >1candela
  • 66 channel GPS receiver
  • Unique mounting clip and flotation pouch

Wherever you are at sea or on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. 


Already over half of our initial shipment has gone. You can now purchase one of these at $339.

To purchase this model online click here



Now in Stock the rescumeME MOB1 is an exciting new addition to the yachting safety world.

rescueme mob1 image 600

The worlds smallest AIS Man OverBoard system with integrated DSC.
AIS (Automatic Identification System)

- Integrated DSC transmitter (digital selective calling)*

- 30% (typ) smaller

- Automatic activation

- Simple lifejacket integration

- 7 year battery life

- 24+ hours operational life

- 5 year warranty†

- Fast accurate positioning

The MOB1 is intended to be installed within the life-jacket and will activate automatically on inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds. The MOB1 is compatible with even the most compact inflatable life-jackets. The MOB1 communicates with the vessel you have been separated from and other vessels in the vicinity (up to 5 miles range dependent on conditions). * DSC functionality is subject to regulations of country. † Subject to warranty statement.

In an emergency rescueME MOB1 provides two methods of rapidly communicating your location back to the vessel, plus providing visual indication. Once activated your MOB1 will transmit an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS ensures precise location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting. An additional feature of the MOB1, is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF, alerting your crew to the situation. The integrated strobe light ensures maximum visibility in low light conditions.

The best chance of rapid rescue if you fall overboard comes from your own vessel. Your crew needs to be immediately aware of the incident and keep track of your position whilst recovery is carried out. Even in the most moderate of seas it is alarming how quickly a visual sighting of a man overboard can be lost.

Compatibility: Most modern AIS plotters and DSC VHF comply with the standards required to receive MOB transmissions. It is however, especially if you are using older equipment, recommended that you check compatibility with the equipment manufacturer. 

Available at $435.00

To purchase this model online click here




BOM Marine Warnings

14 November 2018

Current weather warnings for Victoria, Australia including strong wind, gale, storm force and hurricane force wind warnings; tsunami; damaging waves; abnormally high tides; and tropical cyclones.