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Personal Must Have Items;


PFD or Personal Floatation Device for yachting.

When choosing a Personal Floatation Device there are a number of things to keep in mind but two, comfort and effectiveness, are paramount. If the device is ill-fitting and quite uncomfortable it runs the risk of not being used. If however if an emergency happens then it must be up to the task.


Thankfully the advent of both manual or automatically inflatable life jackets means they are far less bulky to wear racing around the bay. In our opinion this style is probably the minimal level of jacket worth considering for yachting.


Floatation rating 

pfd standardspfd rating

This is measured in newtons and 10 newtons will provide 1 kg of buoyancy. Don't consider anything under 150N if you are an adult as this is designed to turn you face up if you are unconscious in the water. These are now a mandatory minimum requirement for all offshore yacht racing. Consider a 275N jacket if you plan on doing any serious offshore racing or cruising where you might encounter extreme conditions in heavy clothing. Further make sure the PFD you purchase is Australian Standard 4758. Some older jackets will show the previous standard of 1512.


Inflation mode

Inflatable PFD's are usually filled by a 33-40gram cylinder that is either manually activated via a toggle or automatically activated via a sensor of some description often by pressure or dissolving chrystals. All can be orally inflated via a mouth tube. The advantage of the automatically inflating design is that it will still operate if the sailor enters the water unconcious.



Servicing your PFD

It is a legal requirement that your PFD is serviced at the manufacturers specifications which is usually either one or two years. Ideally this should be done by an authorised servicing agent. The are many things that will cause your yachting PFD to fail inspection. The most common of these are;




Tethers are designed to keep you safely attached and onboard the yacht. Once again getting one that is manufactured to Australian standards is really important and these are mandatory if you are ocean yacht racing. As with PFDs tethers should be checked regularly. PFDs can have harnesses built in to their design. An example is the ******


Yachting Knife


Wichard, Gill. Personal yachting knives are becoming standard in many offshore yacht races. Inquiries into a couple of yachting accidents in 2011 has prompted the move. If you find yourself trapped by your tether under a capsised yacht then there are very few options available to you. So what do you look for when purchasing a yachting knife?

  • Blunt tip - the last thing you need is a pointed tip around you when getting tossed around in heavy seas or around anything inflatable like rafts or inflated PFDs.
  • Able to be opened and operated with one hand, vital if you are clinging to moving rigging.
  • Serrated for quickly cutting through ropes or tethers


Strobe or Life Jacket Light


PLB or Personal Locator Beacon









The Four Winds Racing Team is a group of sailors that are enthusiastic in the sport of sailing. Team members from all age groups are out on the water proudly representing Four Winds Marine, receiving support from us as we follow their progress over the season.

Check here over the sailing season to find out how our members are going and what the latest news is!


Harry Mann

Class: Mosquito

Club: Portarlington Sailing Club


Four Winds Racing

Class: Lyons 30

Club: Royal Geelong YC


Nikola Dixon & Ruby Altermatt

Class: 29er

Club: Royal Geelong YC


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